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Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Gaming Headset - Vit

Bild Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Gaming Headset - Vit
Bild 1 Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Gaming Headset - Vit Bild 3 Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Gaming Headset - Vit Bild 2 Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Gaming Headset - Vit
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Artikelnr OZRAGE71W
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Used by some of the best e-sport teams of the world like MVP and Giants, Rage 7HX White edition is now available for all gamers.

The technical specs are the same: Premium 7.1 surround sound, Detachable Microphone, Inline remote control… but now you have two styles available; black and white. Choose yours!

Rage 7HX presents the brands most aggressive and striking design. Not only created to enjoy hardcore gaming session but also to capture the core of the struggle, effort and overcoming.

"Unleash the Fury" with Ozone Rage

Thanks to its 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound you can immerse yourself in an awesome audio landscape with Rage 7HX.Comfort is a top priority when you use your headphones for long gaming sessions, and this is where Rage's lightweight design comes into play. You can play for hours without feeling the weight.

Adjust the sound and microphone settings on-the-fly with the RAGE 7HX inline remote controller. Built with an advanced ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.

7.1 Surround Sound

Rage 7HX features a premium 7.1 surround sound that enhances directional awareness and will amplify your gaming experience like never before. Rustles, footsteps, shouts, incoming fire, passing vehicles.. you will hear everything before you see it.

Clever Ergonomic design

Thanks to its clever ergonomics you’re likely to forget you’re wearing a headset at all and you´ll get a reduced background noise. Even after hours of continuous use, Rage 7HX won’t start to feel heavy.

XL cloth padded ear cushions

Rage 7HX ear cups are covered with an advanced micro-texture cloth for a comfortable fit during long gaming sessions.

Detachable Mic

Flexible and detachable microphone with advanced noise canceling technology that ensures clean chat conversations.


  • Driver Diameter (Microphone): F6.0 × 5.0 mm
  • Impedance (Microphone): =2.2KO
  • Driver dimensions (Speaker): ø40mm
  • Sensitivity (SPL) (Speaker): 99dB (At1.0 kHz)
  • Cable Length: 2.9 meters
  • Plug: USB plug
  • Directivity (Microphone): Omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity (Microphone): -38dB(at 1KHz)
  • Frequency response (Speaker): 20~20kHz
  • Impedance (Speaker): 32O
  • Inline audio controller with independent chat volume control
  • Net Weight: 344 gr

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