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Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset - Svart

Bild Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset - Svart
Bild 1 Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset - Svart Bild 3 Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset - Svart Bild 2 Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset - Svart Bild 4 Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset - Svart
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Artikelnr OZBLAST4HX
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Built for pc and console.

BLAST 4HX was designed and meticulously fine tuned for both pc and console gamers. Quickly access important functions with easy and fast volume adjustments to both the headset and chat, you can even switch between pc and console mode. So whether you want to play on the PC or bust out your favorite games on the Console, all you need is BLAST 4HX.

Impresive Sound Power

BLAST 4HX features powerful 44mm drivers that give players an incredible and full blast sound experience while allowing them to precisely pinpoint their opponent’s position.

Bring It To The Battle

A lightweight and foldable design allows you to pack BLAST 4HX headset for storage or traveling to gaming tournaments and LAN parties.

Universal Gaming Headset

Compatible With: XboX360, PS3, PS4 & PC. Thanks to Blast 4HXs high compatibility you can enjoy PC gaming and at the same time switch to the newest consoles for a complete gaming experience with the topmost quality.

Inline Remote Control

With BLAST 4HX's in line remote you will always be in control. The remote includes volume adjustment, microphone mute, chat volume (in console mode) and PC/Console mode switch.

Auto-Adjust Ergonomics

High end leather ear cups are auto adjustable in order to fit comfortably in every situation. Therefore taking full advantage of high tech ergonomics.

Metallic Headband Inner Structure

Blast 4HX’s main ingredients are "Quality & Design". The inner structure of the headband is reinforced with a strong metal to ensure durability while maintaining high levels of flexibility and movement.

Foldable Microphone

Get your mic out of the way quickly and easily when you don’t need it in the midst of battle. And when the time comes to communicate with your teammates and trash your opponents, rapidly pull it back in to position.

Tech Specs

  • Speaker Sensitivity: 119 +/- 3DB
  • Speaker Max Input: 100 mW
  • Speaker Driver dimensions: ø44 mm
  • Speaker Frequency response: 20~20kHz
  • Headphone Impedance: 50 O
  • Microphone Directivity: omni-directional
  • Microphone Sensitivity: -42 +/- 3 dB
  • Microphone Impedance: 2.2k O
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 100 ~ 10,000 Hz
  • Microphone Dimension: 6 x 2,7 mm
  • Cable Length: 3 m
  • Connector: USB 2.0
  • LED Lighting FX on earcups
  • Compatibility: XBox360, PS3, PS4 & PC
  • Cables included: USB + 3.5mm Mini-Jack, 2.5mm Mini-Jack & Phono/RCA.
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